Vallejo decided to renew their popular product range, Model Color, giving it new formula, bottle, label and colors. This is huge, and we are giving you all the information and support to make it as smooth as possible.

Minding that the product codes and bar codes stay the same, as of today we stop selling the old product range and open a pre-order window for you. The first shipment arrives mid-March, which will be distributed to our partners in the second half of March.

To avoid any misunderstanding, we created a separate order form exclusively for the new Model Color range and removed the prices from our regular order form for the old products.


AK is using a modular display and rack system, giving options for you to find the perfect solution for your store. Putting the right products to the right place in the shopping space is essential, so good to know we have all the necessary tools to maximize AK products’ eye-candy factor!

In case you would like to order any of these, please contact us directly.


During the 90’s one of the best things happened on are planet was the Heroes of Might & Magic series, a turn-based strategy video game in a fantasy setting. A lot of us thinks about it with warm emotions till this day. Maybe this is the reason why the Board Game based on the third installment of the game was a loud success on Kickstarter.

Archon Studio is bringing the HOMM3 experience to tabletop. The street date is 24th of June, however the pre-order deadline is almost here: 15th of March. Be among the first stores selling this beautiful game to their customers!


Pathfinder is one of the most popular RPG games all around the globe now. It seems someone at Q-Workshop is playing it as well, because you can tell looking at these amazing dice sets: they were designed by heart.