Minding that the product codes and bar codes stay the same, as of today we stop selling the old product range and open a pre-order window for you. The first shipment arrives mid-March, which will be distributed to our partners in the second half of March.
Wyrd shared a new release roadmap for the first half of 2024, you can find and order any of these in our order form. The big thing about this, is that we are going to receive the March and April new releases way before the release date.
The release of the new gold standard for miniature paint, Warpaints Fanatic, is just around the corner! As the feedback on Warpaints Fanatic on various Social Media platforms has been amazing, there are a LOT of customers out there who are VERY excited about it finally hitting the retail stores.
Corvus Belli has developed a new way to introduce Infinity to new customers. The purpose of the CodeOne product line is to facilitate the entry of new players into the game. Now that this is done, it is time to make existing products more eye-candy!
Desperate wargamers asking each other all around the world: do you know any good way to transport my miniatures? Safe and Sound heard these cries and developed a series of products to make our life’s easier with them. Most of their army boxes can be ordered in different sizes with different components, like magnetic plates and different foam trays.
Para-Bellum has announced Conquest's Organized Play Season 3, a 9-month event for 2024 which will culminate in their World Championship on the Greek Island of Chios in September. They are providing support for any passionate hobbyist or store who wants to build a community around Conquest.